Mods are eternal youth for any video game! Get access to high quality voices for your new stories.

Some Geralt voice lines where created with CyberVoice. Please note that voice of Geralt or other videogames characters are not available to all users. You need to contact with us and explain your mod to get a chance to get some voice lines on non-commercial basis
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Save time

It’s a big task to find a VO artist for your mod on reasobable peice. Use CyberVoice to achieve high quality sound for your NPCs.

Endless creative

Create huge amount of content and dialogue variations for your stories. Choose any voice from the ever-growing marketplace.

No more slicing

If you are creating a non-commercial videogame mod and you need an authentic voice to continue the character's story, contact us and we might be able to help.

Mods are important

Most games are forgotten about a few months or weeks following their release, even when they’re initially successful. This is particularly the case with single-player titles that don’t offer much replayability once the player has finished the game.

While there are plenty of exceptions, such as games with multiple branching storylines and different styles of play, a game’s lifespan is ultimately limited by the amount of time and effort the developers have put into it in the first place.

Modding presents a very important exception to that rule.

Although many developers release additional free and paid content to keep their games fresh, giving players the ability to mod your game removes all limitations on replayability. That’s exactly why Skyrim still has the world’s most active modding community, including a few teams working on developing entirely new games based on Skyrim’s engine.

Because of the huge modding community constantly throwing out new game content, Skyrim is still incredibly popular, despite the game being well over ten years old!

Okay, for one, you have completed all the quests in the game. Yes, You've bought all the official Skyrim DLC's as they've been released and have completed all the new quests and explored all the new parts of the map. But then what? Mods. Mods keep us coming back — they keep Skyrim fan engaged and excited with what seems like never-ending new content. 

The ability for the community to create mods in Skyrim are probably one of the top reasons why Skyrim is still so popular.


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