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  1. Create unique content;
  2. Dub videos, donations, indie games, mods;
  3. Create podcasts;
  4. Congratulate your patrons;
  5. Make money on your voice.


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Create with SteosVoice

SteosVoice opens up new horizons for creativity and content creation. The popular YouTubers already started to use SteosVoice benefits. Join this creative team and start to create today.

Endless Youtube

Discover new spaces of YouTube by creating videos in a non-native language, or let your imagination run wild and tell the story of the game's lore with the voices of its characters, or even interview one of them.

Congratulations to patrons

Congratulate patrons with Happy Birthday, Happy New Year, channel creation day and any other holidays with the voices of various characters or even your own.

Businesses and Media

Voiceover for articles on websites, news, podcasts, voice of technical support and many other use cases. SteosVoice voices will also be available to intelligent business consultants who are implementing Mind Simulation.


Voice donations on streams. Videogames characters, famous dubbing voices, your own voice - they are all at your disposal.

Mods for videogames

Have a new story for your favorite characters? Great, now you have the ability to voice new quests in your mods.

Indie games

Create more dubbed content, easily re-dub the modified plot, dub games in multiple languages. SteosVoice is a great opportunity for indie games to sparkle with new colors.

They are already use SteosVoice

YouTube channels

Gabe Follower

All news, finds, leaks and rumors about CS:GO / Valve / Source 2

Doctor Gnus

Less theory, more practice, humor and fire!

Cut The Crap

We cut films and publish news ✂️

Pro High-Tech

Tests and reviews, interviews with scientists, engineers and directors


The channel is dedicated to games, updates and gaming technologies

Do you create content on YouTube or other platforms?


SAS Agro

Agricultural Systems Studio

AVA Group

Investment and construction holding

Create a brand voice for your company

Online Schools / games / Studios

SteosVoice provides high quality 44.1K wav files

Speech synthesis technology is able to parody, copy and create various voices that can be used by different creators and businesses.

Monster Killer

English language

This is a demonstraton of SteosVoice speech synthesis with voice of some monster killer from some game where you need to kill monsters with two swords.

Gabe Follower

Russian language

Demonstration of SteosVoice speech synthesis with the voice of Gabe Follower, who monitors events around Valve games.

Free speaker

English language

Demonstration of SteosVoice speech synthesis with the voice of an unknown speaker from free sources using the VCTK dataset as an example.

All voices are parodied by AI. The demo is for demonstration purposes only and is not intended to offend anyone.

Monetize your voice!
SteosVoice is:

Voice rights and profession respect

SteosVoice does not take away the right to a voice from the author.

Goal of this project is focused on using synthesized speech in cases where the participation of a real voice actor is simply impossible or very difficult, in addition to the regular work they do in the studio.

Passive income with royalties

Thanks to SteosVoice marketplace, professional voice actors and owners of great voices are be able to license the use of digital versions of their voices and earn passive income.

SteosVoice pays royalties!

New stunning opportunities

We all admire how voice actors skillfully change their voices.

The number of voices from one author on the platform is unlimited.

Which means that each author can create an infinite number of variations and characters and increase own voice palette.

They are already joined us

Andrey Zaitsev

  • Dubbing actor

Andrey Zaitsev is a professional Russian dubbing actor. For Russian viewers and Star Wars fans, he is known for dubbing the famous character, Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker (Hayden Christensen), in the prequels. He later voiced this character in the animated film and animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars. He also voiced the superhero Star-Lord (Chris Pratt) in Guardians of the Galaxy and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Gary Ladka

  • Dubbing actor

Gary Ladka is a US/North American Native English Speaking Voice Actor. He has performed voiceover work for radio and TV commercials and industrials for companies such as Nexus, Matrix, Wella, Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Lines, The American Heart Association and more. His voice is also featured in live, temporary and permanent installed museum exhibits and traveling shows, and for various video blog channels. He also has narrated books on audio, both fiction and non-fiction, commercially and voluntarily for Audible (Over 30 Titles) and other audiobook and educational websites. Gary is also an online English educator.

Maria Zagumyonnova

  • Dubbing actor

Maria Zagumyonnova - radio host, voice actor. You can hear her voice in many commercials, as well as on YouTube channels such as Kosmo Story and Audio Story.

She also provides voiceover for audiobooks, mobile games, anime and TV series.

Future of SteosVoice

Having a speech synthesis with high sound quality and many voices is already a major achievement. However, we have many plans!

Language independence

The release of the new SteosVoice architecture, which will make it possible to synthesize audio with any voice in several languages at once. The voice will no longer be bound by the native language of its owner.

Advanced voice builder

The ability to flexibly customize voices and even create new ones. Need a unique voice for your droid? Great, you will be able to create it!

New languages

SteosVoice is now able to synthesize audio in Russian and English. In future updates, we plan to significantly expand the list of voices. First of all, these will be the voices of EFIGS (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish).

3rd party integrations

SteosVoice technology is being developed by Mind Simulation AGI laboratory, which means that in addition to planned integrations (for example, with Patreon, donation services), SteosVoice will be deeply integrated into the CyberMind NPC revitalization project, as well as business assistants and other innovative products.

If you want to support the further development of the SteosVoice and the Mind Simulation AGI laboratory itself, we invite you to join our Patreon or Boosty.

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