Create high quality audio books without regard to professional voiceover skills and timelines. AI is able to simultaneously voice many books.

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Save money

If you are a publisher, CyberVoice will allow you to quickly get audio versions of various books at a lower cost.

Passive income

If you are a professional narrator, CyberVoice will help you to get additional passive income without harming your main profession.

Great goal

Thanks to CyberVoice development and interaction with announcers, we will have a world where voice rights are respected and all books have audio versions.

Book industry needs innovation

Thousands of books are published every day around the world, but not all of them receive an audio version. According to reliable sources, approximately 4.5% of books now have an audio version.

A year and a half of the pandemic changed the ratio between paper and electronic editions: many works were released exclusively in digital format.

The demand for audio content also continues to gain momentum, as people prefer to listen to audio books on the road, while driving, while cooking or cleaning and other activities.

However, the complexity of audio book production is not getting easier. It is still a long and painstaking process, and it can take several weeks for a professional narrator to record one book. In addition, narrator will not be able to record several books in parallel.

This leads to the fact that audio versions are usually received only by bestsellers, and even then not all, some books are dubbed by non-professional narrators, and the remaining 95.5% do not receive an audio version at all.

Thanks to high-quality speech synthesis, the industry can significantly increase the percentage of books that have their own audio version, and professional narrators can provide themselves with additional passive income by creating a digital twin of their voices that can work 24/7.

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