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More people are listening to podcasts than ever before, and that’s leading digital publishers to jump on board the audio train. In addition to launching their own podcasts, a growing number of publishers are putting out narrated audio articles, as well.

The audio version of an article is simply a reading of a piece of content that’s been posted on a publisher’s website.

Why do you need narrated audio articles on your websites?

Engagement. The more engagement, the better. Publishers are using audio articles as a way to bring new readers into the fold and keep loyal fans sticking around for longer. Media companies like The Washington Post and The Economist are finding that audio articles are helpful tools for building audience loyalty and attracting new subscribers.

People who don’t have time to sit and read a longform article can listen to a narrated version of the article on headphones or while they’re driving in a car. Narrated audio articles are easy to listen to while doing chores or walking the dog.

Unlike podcasts, which require the creation of additional content, narrated audio articles are usually created from content that the publisher has already created. This means publishers can generate ad revenue based on existing content, which provides an excellent return on investment.

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